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Special motors for the industry of production of machineries

Arian Sanat with its 15 years of experience and collaboration with companies which manufacture tool machineries, industrial machines with different uses and construction machines such as: " MST, (machine sazi of Tabriz)", Balan Sanat, Sepahan lifter, Kavoosh, Sanat Sazan, Telefer, has designed and produced functional and proper motors which have provided the needs for these manufacturers.

Special motors for the food industry

Food industry makes one of the most important industries in our country, and due to its expansion we witness a great variety of machineries. Therefore Arian Sanat with specific production of these producer such as: Nik (ice-cream maker), Nojan ( baking oven), Peeshraft pokht ( baking oven), Mahak( cold-cut slicer), Omega Sad Sanat ( industrial meat mincer), Sanat sazane namavar, ( sugar cube cutter), has taken a useful step in production of machineries in food industry.

Special motors for the heating and cooling systems industry

These days with the advancement in the development of construction, we witness variety of installation of coolers and heaters, therefore this industry is in constant need of new motors. In this area, Arian Sanat puts its efforts in producing variety of motors in need for producers below: Raja company, Vaheed, Saravel, Sarmaafarin, Electrosteel, Atmosphere, Tavan Sarma, Tahviyeye Damavand, Tahvieyeye AzarNasim, Tahviyeye Hamoun, Yekta Tahviyeye Arvand,Farazkavian, Mashale Kaveh, Mashale Hofmat, Eshteale Arak etc.

Special motors for the agriculture industry

Due to the important role that agriculture industry has in economical independence, Arian Sanat puts efforts in this field. Therefore has collaborated with producers such as: Semnan pump, Kashan pump, Abyar pump,Shast pump, Sherkate Shirzad, Khademate Keshavarzi ( milking machines), Madooks and etc.

Special motors for medical equipments

Today all over the world, we witness great advancements in development of medical equipments. Our country's industry with an open view is in research and expansion within this field. This company has designed and built special motors with great qualities for the following producers: Payamad electronics ( PMI Machine for mammography), Naveed Sakou, and etc.

Special motors for the administrative equipments

The variety of products of Arian Sanat has made it possible for this company to be active in the administrative industry and has been able to provide the needs of producers such as: Ana company ( Floor polisher and shoe shiner), Baran Sanat company ( money counter) and etc.

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