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About Us:

Arian Sanat Company is a private firm that has been established in Tehran since1983. It’s first project was to build a factory for production

of electric machines in Saveh, an industrial city, 120 km South of Tehran.

The above-mentioned factory’s project started with the co-operation of ACEC, a company from Belgium, which is widely known for its production of electric machines and its products is in use all over the World.

The project started the contract of technologically with in the range of 90Watt – 7.5 KW in 1985.

The research for execution, building of the factory, electrical and mechanical installation of facilities, buying of the machinery and installation of them took time till 1997, and came to its production in 1998.

The process of selection and buying of the machinery and the technology

of production of electric motors was achieved through an expert team which

Included experts from: the ACEC company in Belgium, Dr. Ernest Braun’s organization, Statomat and Roos & Kubler company from Germany. Therefore, due to the selection of state of an art machinery, this company with the use of following machinery: Statomat, Schuler, Roos & Kubler, Manforts and A.B.A  and with an expert team which is active in the Arian Sanat factory is equipped to produce electro-motors for use at standards in

European markets.

In addition with that machinery Arian sanat was able to produce another kind of electric machines, same as Alternator and starter for vehicle.

We started that project with co-operation of MAKO COMPANY (MAGNETI MARELLI & KOCH GROUP MAGNETI MARELLI).

For production of alternator parts and testing them, Arian sanat selected the best machine from European and Canadian companies : TES, GUITTI,STATOMAT, D&V ELECTRICE,ELTRA, TESA ,CRONO MASTER,……  

In this regard Arian Sanat has been successful to reach the acceptance of Peugeot Company for P206 Alternator, and Iran Khodro Company for P405 Alternator, and National Standard for all products.

Arian Sanat Co. Manufacturer of Ac Single & 3 Phase Electric Motors and Automotive Alternator & Starter

Tehran Office: No. 20-3rd floor-16th St.-Ahmad Ghasir Ave. Tehran - Iran

Tel: +98-21-88734393,92,90      Fax: +98-21-88734391