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Arian sanat company has ability to produce alternators for vehicles same as: Peugeot, Samand, Roa, Pride,…. And we have produced two kind of P206 & P405 alternators from 2003 till now.

Technical specification:

out put:    14V / 90 A @ 4000RPM

Max. performance speed:      18000 RPM

Weight: 5.2 Kg


Produced starter by Arian sanat has permanent magnet and is according to Roa vehicle (and so on).

Technical specification:

Out put:   1 KW  

Nominal voltage:   12 V  

No load current:   I ≤ 60A  

no load speed:   2800~3500 RPM  

locked current:   380 ~ 450 A  

Arian Sanat Co. Manufacturer of Ac Single & 3 Phase Electric Motors and Automotive Alternator & Starter

Tehran Office: No. 20-3rd floor-16th St.-Ahmad Ghasir Ave. Tehran - Iran

Tel: +98-21-88734393,92,90      Fax: +98-21-88734391